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EMI Music Headquarters

Contribution de 56 Ethel Baraona Pohl, 1 Avril 2009


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Description EMI Music Headquarters:

Besides a desire for modern, functional office space, the idea for the Virgin project was to create a village dedicated to music, a cloister-like space with an intimate, human-scale which would be more than just a private business area.

Six pre-existing buildings and workshops on the site were torn down to make space for the new project, consisting of two small restored buildings and four new buildings of offices and corporate spaces, a car park, and a restaurant for the approximately 250 people who work there. The new shed-like buildings and the two small remaining houses are grouped around a central garden planted with trees and grass, the former yard of the industrial estate. The new buildings are inspired by traditional Parisian workshops: they are not very high, have glass-shed roofs to take advantage of the natural light. They are clad in terracotta and linked by an interior passageway. Each pavilion will house one of Virgin’s labels, with its own architectural identity (somewhat reflecting the musical style of each label) within the common design. The challenge was to incorporate the individuality of each activity within the unity of the project.

The public aspects of the project take place in the Net Community Center, a restructured pre-existing hangar within the site. It houses an exhibition space, meeting spaces, and spaces for projections and concerts that can accommodate 170 people seated or almost 500 standing.

Design team: P. Vincent, A. Gallissian (senior partner and associate in charge)
with T. Nguyên and J. Carter, J.Ch. Denise, G. Ducci, S. Giorgio-Marrano, P. Hendier; O. Aubert, C. Colson, Y. Kyrkos (models)

Consultants: Ove Arup & Partners, GEC Ingénierie (structure and services); GEC Ingénierie (cost consultant); Peutz & Associés (acoustics); R. Labeyrie (audio/video equipment); P. L. Copat (interiors); GEMO (site co-ordination)


EMI Music Headquarters EMI Music Headquarters EMI Music Headquarters

Information EMI Music Headquarters:

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Dear Sir/Madame, I am an italian student of University of Bologna, and I have to study the project of "emi music Headquarters" in France. I would be glad if you could provide me plans, sections, etc, or things that could hep me to understand the development and the structure of the building. thank you very much
commenté par User_profile_mini_square marty89na, 14 Octobre 2009

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