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Private House

Contribution de 323 World Architecture Festival , 13 Octobre 2009


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Description Private House:

The black and white parallelepiped of the house (size of the house is 30 x 8 meters) occupies the whole width of the site. The blind facade is orientated outside of the site. And the internal facade which is looking to the private yard is completely glass. The facade of the whole building is ventilated (aerated) with large-sized facade panels. Wooden lath (40 x 40 mm) is used for facade decoration. All internal white space is looking to pine trees through the huge windows.

There is one space on the ground floor, including living area, dining area and the kitchen. There is a fireplace in the living area.
The swimming pool (which length is 10 m) is on the same level as well. The ground floor is combined with the first floor by the atrium.

There are three bedrooms on the second floor and the study with an open terrace. The open area terrace is situated on the roof of the swimming pool area. This floor has separate exit to yard by the 15 meters gallery-bridge, which leads you to pine trees.
In the living area there are some windows in the floor which allow the light to penetrate these windows into the underground area.
The underground level of the house equipped with modern heating, plumbing, communication installations.


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